For 4-minute Fitness DVD  customers...

Discover Even More Fat-Scorching 4-Minute Home Workout Routines, Never Get Bored Again with Your Workouts, and Maintain a Rock Hard Body for Life!

If you already use the innovative 4-Minute Fitness DVDs  from (with Tabata style workouts), then this page has some exciting options for you to progress on the workouts you have learned in the DVDs.

With this program below you'll discover:

  • Even more innovative high-intensity short-duration workouts every month for you to try out so that you never get bored with your routines
  • Hundreds of new workouts added for you to try on an on-going basis
  • Unlimited access to dozens of unique workouts for every goal imaginable
  • Access to additional bodyweight-only workout routines
  • Access to additional resistance training workouts with dumbbells, medicine balls, stability ball exercises, and more
  • hundreds of professionally designed workouts with exercises for every sport imaginable
  • Special fat loss and training articles for members only

It's a new site called " Workout Robot " ... and it's a fun new way to get in high intensitydaily 4-minute workouts !  I know it may sound hard to believe that 4-minute workouts can get you in shape, but trust me... these are NOT "easy workouts"... even though they are only 4-minutes each, they are high intensity!

If you don't have time to spend an hour each day in the gym, these short, but highly effective home workouts  will transform your body fast, help to burn off stubborn belly fat, and strengthen everything from head to toe... your legs, arms, butt, abs, and back!

You can choose to do 1, 2, or 3 rounds per day for a total of 4 minutes, 8 minutes, or 12 minutes of total workout time each day.  Good luck and have fun!

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